A New Vision for Cryo Philadelphia

Today is a special day at Cryo Philadelphia.  We have officially redefined ourselves as a business and have fine-tuned our Vision.  We can thank this unique New Moon for this Intention to come alive, but we have the most gratitude for our supportive customers, who believe as we do, that we can heal from the inside out and major life changes are right at our fingertips.

Our New Vision:  To Be the Ultimate Holistic Healing Center for Those Who Want to Improve Their Body, Mind, & Spirit.

As we begin this new journey with you, we are excited to introduce you to a special friend to Cryo Philadelphia, Nick Deacon, personal trainer,  health/fitness coach, master of mind-body connection.  Nick wants all of his clients to experience transforming their bodies from the inside OUT, with love.  Nick has transformative coaching calls and provides awesome nuggets of wisdom to his client base through what he calls The Six Things.

Health & Fitness Guru

The Six Things by Nick Deacon.

  1. Intention sets direction.  Intensity overcomes thresholds. Consistency repeats opportunities until you transform.
  2. Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day
  3. When someone asks you for information, you have two options: Send them to Google and disconnect. Or engage with their soul and offer the knowledge about which they’re so interested, in the voice they asked to deliver it.
  4. If your goals aren’t connected to emotion, you’ll never pursue them long enough to realize them.
  5. “The octopus on your face” represents that side of ourselves that everyone can see in plain view, but we cannot.
  6. Share that interesting / helpful thing you heard this morning with someone. It will help you remember it, and it will help them remember you.

BONUS: Does it hurt enough for you to change it yet?

BONUS: No is a decision. Yes is a responsibility.

BONUS: Let go with no. Invite with yes.

BONUS: What dead weight are you carrying by saying yes to things that bring you down? What gifts, assets, help and happiness could you invite into your life by saying yes?

BONUS: Just remember, what’s coming is better than what’s gone.

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