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In light of all of this madness and mayhem, I was inspired to write and share ways to cope with COVID19 and all of its ugly.  First, this is a battle.  COVID19 affects us all.  Being a respiratory illness at its core, it has morphed into a deadly disease to some, and a scary reality for most.  But, how we get through is the silver lining.  And, we can learn how to cope with COVID19 and recover together.  Here are some simple steps:

Helping the SickName It

  1. Let’s all collectively say what we are dealing with: CORONAVIRUS *cardi b voice*, COVID-19, pandemic, Corona, Rona, Biological warfare, or WWIII.
  2.  Now, get knowledgable about the virus and What we are facing.
  3. Then, break down exactly what you are feeling.  No judgment from anyone here. Men: you are allowed to feel like an overweight little girl, new to town, headed in to her first day of school. This entire situation is absolutely daunting. And the real fear is what will I lose as a result of all this? What will I be forced to do to survive? Who will I be forced to engage with for that survival? Do I have it in me? Let’s tie some words to your fear.

Identify the Experience

  1. Has your personal residence ever been robbed? You come home from work or play…as soon as you step towards your front door you feel something off? Whether your door is unlocked, slightly ajar, or damaged, the feeling starts right there. The gut punch to your stomach that something is terribly, terribly wrong. Then you walk in *gasp* and that feeling of pure violation takes over coupled with being naturally scared, then mad as hell, then utterly frustrated, then for some, a little sadness (that someone can be so cruel to cause you harm).

Let’s Recap

  1. Identify and breakdown what you fear.
  2. Write it down or Type it in your phone. If neither works for you, find your reflection somewhere and say aloud what you are feeling. Then, let it be. We will address it later.

Lean on Someone

Reach out to someone that you would not normally engage with…  Especially helpful is our Elderly (who are so vulnerable right now), military vets (or even active duty – or have done a tour – in wartime, you need to cope real quick), or First responders (our Paramedics, our Police and our Firefighters). Talk to people who are more likely to understand un-chartered waters or potentially dangerous situations.  Reach out to organizations like WHO and find out what to do.

Find the Bright Spots

Look at yourself first. Do you have your senses?  Do you have a functioning brain?  Can you think relatively clearly (on most days)?  Do your limbs work?  Can you perform normal motor functions?

  1. Look at your family and friends – is your inner circle doing ok?
  2. Can you handle life’s simple functions?
  3. Can you go to the bathroom with ease?
  4. Can you get food with ease?
  5. Can you eat the food you can get with ease?
  6. Can you clean yourself?
  7. Do you have access to clean water?
  8. Do utilities work like gas and electricity?
  9. Do you have access to communication?

Switch Gears

  1. What can you do with this time?
  2. How can you improve You?
  3. What could you contribute to the world right now?
Be OK with the pause.
Did you know it is ok to stop? American culture does not stop. We have to see the newest thing, be in the newest place, buy the newest product, experience the newest service, all while trying to “show up” for work, school, extracurricular activities, family obligations and commitments with friends.
Look outside of yourself and your existence.
There are some individuals in our society that are unable to do all of the above for various reasons.  They cannot be admirably “busy”, maybe lack of money, lack of education, lack of opportunity, or lack of normal social functioning. Well, like it or not, those individuals are part of our society too. And when things are good, they are brushed to the side. Now, we have a chance to do something. Something special. Something great. Can you think of how you can insert yourself into a part of our society where you may never have thought to go?
To cope and to get through takes love and peace and understanding.  To rise above and to elevate, when you don’t know how, takes Faith.  How to Cope with COVID19, and move forward, takes community.  Let’s do this together.

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