Agata Nagas shares her experience at C.R.Y.O Philadelphia.

“I had runner’s knee and I had a rash on both of my thighs, which was a side effect from a high enzyme level in my liver. So I didn’t know that Cryotherapy would help the rash disappear, but it did just after two sessions. I had originally just come in for my runner’s knee and I was just happy to see the rash was gone just after two sessions. I’m like I have beautiful thighs now.

And my runner’s knee, the inflammation, I have complete relief now after 5 sessions. I was able to run 2 miles and now I can run 3 miles after 7 sessions without any pain. I just enjoy running. It’s a stress relief for me. It’s when I get into the zone. It’s something I enjoy and not having that in my life. I sort of felt, what is the word I am looking for, just stifled I guess from this physical disability I would call it. Cryotherapy really helped me get back into what I really enjoy in life. I would recommend cryo to anyone who suffers from any kind of inflammation.”

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